Managing the sales funnel
Is the primary key to long-term success

  • Imported by more than 95,000 companies worldwide
  • Customized functions and metrics to easily manage all sales activities
  • Designed for users who love an intuitive interface and focus on data analysis
Pipedrive, a Sales and Pipeline Management Software that doubles the sales

The sales process is messy,
do you have these problems?

There are too many customers to track, and the sales progress is so chaotic!

The supervisors have to keep track of the sales progress of the business one by one, which is time-consuming and laborious

Sales information is scattered and it is difficult for supervisors and bosses to predict performance

All these problems can be solved by using Pipedrive,
a sales funnel management platform!

The sales process is clear at a glance! Easily manage sales data

Pipedrive automatically reminds the business to track the schedule

Automatically remind the business to track the schedule and lock in business opportunities immediately.

Pipedrive visualizes the sales progress

Visualize the sales progress of the business and grasp the sales status in 1 second.

Pipedrive automatically calculates the future of every business

Automatically calculate the future performance of each business and adjust sales strategies in real time.

With many functions, Pipedrive the sales funnel management platform,
takes sales and management to the next level!

Pipedrive is a sales management system from the perspective of a salesperson. In the same interface, all sales activities can be centralized and tracked. In addition, automatic settings can be used to greatly reduce repetitive and tedious tasks such as mailing and appointment calendars. Pipedrive also publicly shares open API information, allowing customers to freely create more functions to meet their own business needs. Its visual sales process dashboard can be combined with hundreds of applications to make it the first choice for many companies to manage their sales process. Since its launch in 2010, users have covered nearly 180 countries and regions around the world, and have received various authoritative evaluations every year.
If you are looking for a sales process management tool with intuitive interface design that can be customized to work with other applications, Pipedrive is the first choice among many sales management systems.

Pipedrive vs. Salesforce

When choosing a suitable sales management system, you can first clarify your needs through comparison and include the difficulty of operating the interface and the cost of platform tools in the cost calculation. Based on many comparison items, we recommend Pipedrive as your first choice for the sales management system.

Easy to use interface

Easy to use interface

Pipedrive provides independent drag-and-drop kanbans for team members and visual case card sorting, and can centrally manage all sales activities, making it smooth and intuitive to use.

High CP Value

High CP Value

With the expansion of the business scale, the system cost to be borne may also increase. Pipedrive has many functions, but the price is only less than half of Salesforce. It can meet your needs at a more reasonable cost.

Low feature version limit

Low feature version limit

The initial version of Pipedrive can meet the needs of most companies, so no matter the size of your team, you can immediately start planning the sales process, free and unlimited.

Choose the Pipedrive version that best suits you and create performance beyond expectations


Suitable for:
Small and medium-sized business teams focused on clear sales processesSGD20/User/Month


Suitable for:
Business team focused on automating processes SGD39/User/Month


Suitable for:
A large team that emphasizes team division and masters future performance SGD79/User/Month


Suitable for:
Companies with busy pipelines and complex team structures. SGD94/User/Month


Suitable for:
A large team that emphasizes team division and masters future performance SGD132/User/Month

3 reasons to buy Pipedrive,
a sales funnel management platform,
from TS Cloud

Want to manage your sales process with Pipedrive but don’t know where to start?
We provide additional sales process planning assistance
so that you not only purchase these sales funnel management platform but also effectively establish a dedicated sales process.

Dedicated Service Specialist

Dedicated Service Specialist

Plan and solve your puzzles one-on-one by Pipedrive experts. Before and after the introduction, dedicated service specialists who understand your company’s needs will assist you online, making the service faster and more secure.

Technical support after installation

Technical support after installation

If you have any questions about operation or settings, you can seek expert assistance online. You don’t have to think and study how to operate the desired function, you can directly find the expert for support.

Cloud tool integration planning

Cloud tool integration planning

Pipedrive can be combined with Google Cloud tools, and we can provide you with a complete cloud tool integration plan to help you use these tools to improve your work productivity.

TS Cloud, the most reliable
Pipedrive reseller in Singapore

TS Cloud is the distributor in Singapore certified as a reseller and is good at using cloud technology to help companies improve their work productivity. In addition to selling Pipedrive accounts, it also provides additional import services to help companies use Pipedrive more smoothly and effectively, and create a sales process that doubles sales performance.

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